Public Notices


Milton School District Clerk

197:20 Clerk – The clerk shall keep a true record of all the doings of each meeting; shall make an attested copy of any record of the district for any person upon request and tender of legal fees therefore; shall act as moderator of any meeting until a moderator pro tempore shall be chosen, if the moderator is absent or the office has become vacant; and shall have the same power to administer oaths which the moderator has. If the clerk is absent at any meeting a clerk tempore shall be chosen.

Please submit letter of interest to: SAU #64, 18 Commerce, Way Unit 1, Milton, NH 03851- EOE

School District Clerk Position Description


                                       NOTICE OF REVIEW OF SAU #64 SPECIAL EDUCATION PLAN

The SAU # 64 Special Education Plan has been revised in order to comply with New Hampshire Rules for the Education of Children with Disabilities.  A copy of SAU # 64 Special Education Plan is available for review and written input by parents/legal guardians, other agencies and the general public.  Copies of the plan can be found at the SAU office, Milton Elementary School,  Nute Middle/High School and the Paul School.   In addition, it has been posted on all three school websites,  as well as the SAU # 64 website.  The manual will be brought to the SAU # 64 Joint Board for a second reading and final approval on December 10, 2014.

SPED Policies and Procedures (revised 101714)

Wakefield School Board Meetings

December 2014

December 30      Wakefield School Board & Budget Committee – 6:30 PM
December 30      Wakefield School Board immediately following

Both meetings will be held at the Paul School in the Library.


Milton School Board Meetings

December 2014

December 10                School Board Meeting – 6:00 PM

All meetings will be held in the Community Room at Nute High School & Library.